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This is an example of the social phenomenon known as 'jihadi cool', where Islamic icons and Islamic behaviors are regarded as 'cool' by anti-social, hooligan and thuggish elements among Europe's youth and sociopathic kidults. In Europe, Islam has become a magnet for all sorts of psychopaths and misfits from the dregs the indigenous infidels, with converts rapidly progressing to become active jihadis. A similar phenomenon has been apparent for some time with the massive conversions of criminals in American jails, who are attracted by the divine approval for murder, rape and plunder of the kuffar. This what Bin Laden called the 'strong horse effect' on Islamic conversion and jihadi recruitment:
The fact that Muslims consider themselves to be at war with us is implicit in the name they use for the non-Muslim world, 'Dar al-Harb' - the Domain of War. Indeed it's more than implicit, it's blatantly obvious from their teminology and their 'holy' scriptures that they intend to destroy us one way or another. If the Nazis taught us anything, it's that when someone announces in advance that they intend to kill you, it's advisable to take them seriously.
Probably an Islamic Studies graduate: "A Birmingham bookseller accused of "priming people for terrorism" had video footage of British hostage Ken Bigley being beheaded, a jury was told. Ahmed Faraz has been charged with 30 counts of possessing and distributing extremist material intended to radicalise Muslims around the world. Footage of 81 beheadings were found in premises linked to the Sparkhill resident, the prosecution said. The 32-year-old Islamic studies graduate denies the charges."
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They can't withstand ridicule and mockery. "It is not difficult to destroy Islam. Islam is the pumped up ego of a megalomaniac psychopath. Muhammad was a narcissist madman. Just as a huge balloon can be deflated by a small needle, all it takes to make Islam explode is to ridicule its loony inventor and its brainless followers."
The depredations of these Islamic pirates against the infidels were encouraged by the koran, as are similar attacks to ths day. As well as the various forms of organized premeditated jihad, Muslims are psychologically primed to be opportunist jihadists, spontaneously attacking their prey like packs of hyenas as soon as they sense they have the numerical advantage. Islam legitimizes and encourages predatory attacks on infidels. This kind of spontaneous, opportunistic jihad is exemplified by the 'Street Jihad' attacks in Europe, and Islamic gang rapes such as that of Lara Logan. Most religions have a restraining influence on anti-social behavior, but Islam has precisely the opposite effect due to deliberate destruction of the conscience. Islam incites and excuses crime against infidels. Because of their arrogant sense of supremacy and automatic entitlement, Muslims regard infidels not as fellow human beings, but as walking opportunities for plunder , parasitism and rape . Islam is not a religion. It is an international criminal conspiracy like the Mafia .
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Regarding islamic ritual slaying is everyone aware of the connection of Juju with Islam? There's a guy called Yunus Kabul who has been abducting children (presumably kuffars) for blood sacrifice juju rituals. Checking it out, it seems that there's a close relationship between Islam and Juju: "Moreover, the Islamic faith is associated with the use of Juju, charms, and amulets-another practice very common in Africa. Muslims and Africans believe these fetishes and concoctions scare away evils and misfortune, to kill one's enemies, and to enhance one's progress and success in life. In Nigeria, Muslim spiritualists are reputed for their extraordinary feats in Juju and the production of talismans. By sanctioning many traditional African practices, Islam, unlike other alien religions, has been very instrumental in the continuation of these customs. Islam is one of the greatest obstacles to the efforts to eradicate harmful and inhumane traditional practices in Africa." Of course, in other contexts, Islamic ritual sacrifice of adults is well known for its association with jihadism: "As with many primitive peoples it is the shedding of blood that gets them excited. The blood is seen as a libation to Allah. To quote the eminent Islamic theologian Abu Hamza al-Masri "There is no liquid loved by Allah more than the liquid of blood" "Whether you do it by the lamb, or you do it by a Serb, you do it by a Jew, you do it by any enemies of Allah," he said. That drop of blood "is very dear."
Contrast dhimmitude with harbitude:
Is there a romantic angle to these stories? Do any of the male superheroes have sexy six year old girl friends?
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Killing infidels at Christmas seems to have a particular fascination for these vermin:
What civilized people would call murder, is actually regarded by these savages as a ritual tribute to Allah, their moon demon. Muslims, like Aztecs, practise bloody human sacrifice. Whenever they kill infidels they shout 'Allah Akhbar', to dedicate the kill to their bloodthirsty primitive deity who lives in a meteorite in Mecca.
"...Abbassi is the architect of the so-called "war preparation plan" currently under way in Iran. This is the same Hassan Abbassi who said: We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization... we must make use of everything we have at hand to strike at this front by means of our suicide operations or by means of our missiles. There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them... ...But it is not only the US that Abbasi wants to take on and humiliate. He has described Britain as "the mother of all evils". In his lecture he claimed that the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and the Gulf states were all "children of the same mother: the British Empire." As for France and Germany, they are "countries in terminal decline", according to Abbasi. "Once we have defeated the Anglo-Saxons the rest will run for cover," he told his audience. So it appears that in the short term, the regime is hoping to start a limited war with the USA that it believes it can survive, since they don't believe that the West has the will nor the means to occupy Iran at this time. This will buy them time for their longer term strategic plans for the world. Why is no taking these threats seriously?
The murderous cult of hypermasculinity is an intrinsic part of Islam:
The wheel is the symbol of Buddhism, which is a non-Islamic religion every bit as offensive as Judaism and Christianity. May I therefore respectfully suggest, in the interests of interfaith harmony, that all vehicles exported to Islamic countries should have their wheels removed prior to shipping.
The main psychological driving force behind Islam is sexual repression and the resulting perversions:
Whether or not individual Muslims really believe in the cult of Mohammed, Muslims in Britain find the 'Muslim Identity' very useful as a source of special entitlement, fast-track immigration, no-questions-asked welfare benefits, disproportionate political power, preferential housing and immunity from normal laws. There is thus no incentive to abandon their predatory sociopathic cult. WE MUST REVERSE THIS SITUATION!
All devout Muslims are terrorists by definition:
Swedish women are also prime targets of rape jihad in Eurabia.
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Sooner or later one or more European countries will kick their Muslims out. But since the Muslims are EU citizens, they can legally move and reside anywhere within the community. Consequently, they won't go back to their impoverished ancestral homelands. Instead they'll go to the softest touch EU country, which is Britain. So when the shi'ite hits the fan in Continental Europe, Britain can expect tens of millions of jihad-crazed 'EU citizens', with murderous resentments against all kuffars, swarming out of the Channel Tunnel demanding their rights to settle...
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2011 on The Colonization of France at Atlas Shrugs
Social groups, including religions, have a status or utility. At present this effect is working for Islam and against most other religions, especially Christianity. All the dhimmi pandering, appeasement, legal immunities and special privileges contribute to what Bin Laden called the 'strong horse effect', which makes Muslims confident of further increasing their numbers and influence, and thus winning the Stealth Jihad in the West. So as a first measure, all special treatment, automatic presumption of victim status, and legal immunities should be withdrawn. Secondly, Muslims should not merely be treated the same as everybody else, but should be made to pay the price of their totally negative antisocial and damaging presence in our countries. - Muslim immigration must be stopped. - Islam's status as a religion should be rescinded. - Muslims must be regarded as enemy aliens and banned from sensitive occupations where they may be a security risk. - All illegal Muslim immigrants must be deported, or if they can't be sent back to their countries of origin they must be held in internment camps until some country will accept them. - All Muslims guilty of serious crimes must be deported. - Translation at public expense must be stopped. - All Muslim clergy must be put under surveillance and deported at the first sign of trouble. - Muslims who leave the country should not be allowed back in unless they can prove they were here legally in the first place. - Cousin marriage must be banned to disrupt their breeding cycle and spare us the cost of their inbred offspring. - Muslim welfare parasitism must be clamped down on rigorously. Hopefully they may move elsewhere once they realise they're no longer going to get a free ride. - Remains of terrorists should be buried in pigskin, Russian style, to prevent them entering paradise. - Extended families of terrorists should be rounded up and deported as accomplices, since family members often encourage terrorism in the hope of a free ride to paradise. - Kuffars should boycott Muslim businesses and products. Polluter Pays Principle Islam is a form of pollution, which is not just limited to environmental pollution caused by the population pressures of fast-breeding parasites. Islam is also a toxic upwelling of spiritual, moral, social, economic, educational, genetic, intellectual and cultural pollution in the Western societies it is slowly poisoning. On the principle that the polluter pays, Muslims should be made to bear the cost of their socially corrosive activities, rather being rewarded for them.
Even if the state of Israel had never come into existence, ALL Musims (not just Arabs) would still be theologically committed to the global extermination of the Jewish people in the REAL HOLOCAUST. Any Muslim who denies this is a liar.
Most religions respect the truth and forbid lying. However Islam is different. Allah is 'the best of deceivers' (Koran 3.54), and since the highest goal of Islamic ethics is to spread Islam by any means whatsoever, it is hardly surprising that lying and deceit should be quite acceptable if carried out for the benefit of Islam. "War is Deceit", said Muhammad, and Islam is always at war with the infidel until Islam dominates. This 'Holy Lying' is known as taqiyya (sometimes spelled taqiya or taquiya) - This may take many forms, including outright lies, feigned moderation, and condemnation of terrorist attacks to the Infidel while rejoicing with fellow Muslims. Here are some of the ploys, arguments, logical fallacies and diversionary tactics used by taqiyya tacticians:
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Take a look at this Islamic comic book:
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2011 on 86 "The 99" at Atlas Shrugs
Meanwhile, the leftards are organizing an Islamophobia witchhunt against a Justice Department official who warned about this very problem of Muslims subverting and intimidating juries:
This is the way Islam works. You can see the end result in Pakistan's 'justice' system. That is where we're headed. Islamic terrorism isn't just aimed at killing large numbers of kuffars in public spaces, but it can also get very personal towards individuals and their families:
The Nobel Prize is culturally biased towards the Jooooooz. Giving prizes for kuffar subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Mathematics, Literature etc is blatant Islamophobia. How about some equal opportunity affirmative action to stop the Jooooooooooooooooooz being overrepresented If they awarded prizes for beheading, thighing, inbreeding, acid-throwing and bomb-making the Muslims would come out top every year.