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Enjoyed this article and agree with it 99%! It reminded me almost exactly of a TV ad that Coke did a few years ago - guy in a retirement home tries Coke (the drink!) for the first time, then breaks out and engages in a series of behaviours involving tatoos, sex and so on. But then, we all know that plagiarism amd ageism are not exactly new to the advertising world! The 1% of disagreement is this. Perhaps the ad is inviting us to question stereotypes of older people (and by association perhaps steretypes of fast food). We don't have Taco Bell over here in the UK, but (amusing if irrelevant aside) some 25+ years ago, my then agency worked on launching TB into the UK (it didn't work, as we are fitted with taste buds over here). The first outlet was in central London, on Leicester Square. And because it was designed from the US, without knowing the location, it faced onto an alleyway, with a brick wall facing Leicester Square - one of London's busiest pedestrian areas! Bit of a missed opportunity!Perhaps their view of older people is based upon similar levels of research!!
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Feb 1, 2013