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Rhea W Schaefer
Beaumont TX Texas 77708 US
Hi, I'm Rhea. Yes, Morris is my surname. I was raised in Garnett, KS. I analyzed English and History… So I have included gloating rights, however no one can recollect that it.
Interests: My life partner and I live near the coastline with our two immense, delicate, (hair all around) felines. I have a warmth for all things US, I'm essentially energetic I assume. I settled on the decision to add to this space remembering the final objective to share my experiences. I'm a Professor of History in New York City. I have no extraordinary event stories to impart to regard to my calling however do what to share my week-to-week happenings. I promise you nothing other than sharing my experiences… high focuses and low focuses, awesome and loathsome. Myself? I acknowledge outside, calculating, history, and stallion riding. I'm definitely not hard to chat with, bright camper who tries to be interesting
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Nov 28, 2015