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Reading your blog from afar helps abate my Wanderlust just a bit! I'm a dual US/German citizen who is currently living in San Diego -- but I've also called Augsburg, Hamburg, Munich and small-town Niedersachsen home. Berlin, though, is the city that still draws me back to Germany. In fact, just yesterday I placed '100 Favourite Places' on my Amazon wish list while browsing Berlin-related books!
A great, quick meal can be had at brgr on 7th between 26th and 27th in Manhattan. The website has a section with regular updates about the restaurant . . . brgr blg.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2013 on A Squirrel by Any Other Name at Fritinancy
Greta: A well-thought-out, ANGRY post. I feel as though you mined my ANGRY, gay, atheist head for inspiration!
Toggle Commented May 22, 2011 on Atheists and Anger at Greta Christina's Blog
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May 22, 2011