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Rhonda Berry
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I like #1. It just looks like it fits. Sets off the block very well.
We have a friend who makes these chocolate chocolate cookies we call period pleasers. They are the best for the really rough days women of all ages have! I would share the recipe but he says it has a "secret" ingredient. LOL! I suspect he just doesn't want to tell us how much chocolate it really has!
I have 2 regular ones and an itty bitty tiny one! I believe you can never have enough rotary cutters
I now have a radio station to listen to again! Awesome news!
Mark, Have been missing you greatly. My mornings are no good without hearing your very familiar voice. Praising God that you and your family are doing well and that you have faith in His plan. I agree that Cumulus has a death wish in what they are doing. Glad you are taking the high road and will be looking forward to hearing you whereever you land. Change is hard, but I have found through plenty of experience that when I looked back it was for the better for me and my family. God bless and I will be checking in here very often! All our love, The Berry Family
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Apr 15, 2012