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Praying every day for your whole family. When I start complaining about something that's aggravating me, I often think of you guys and ask the Lord to forgive me for complaining. I'm an ICU nurse recovering open heart patients and have through the years taken care of quite a few stroke patients. But the really hard part isn't that critical phase, it's the part where you guys are now. I don't blame Joanne for being depressed. There is such a loss. Even though we are supposed to give thanks in everything - this is an awfully hard one to receive. And falling is terrifying. I am proud of the way you and Joanne press on. And proud of you for not being afraid to talk about many of the difficulties you are facing. (Although I suspect it is much harder than you dare to verbalize here). I pray for patience, and wisdom and for the will to keep striving against the physical and psychological obstacles you are facing. I pray for wisdom for her treatment team -that they will give her all she needs to reach a chemical balance to keep her sound in body and mind. And I pray for you guys as a family - husband and wife relationship as well as parent/child relationships. I pray for you to have joy and love that is supernatural and overwhelming. You are such a miracle for His glory.
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Jun 8, 2011