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Great post John. This links to work that I've been exploring in the Vertical Development space, helping people expand not just what they think but also how they think Complexity, sensemaking etc). I wondered if VD specifically is something you are thinking about? More information for anyone interested here:
Great articles John. Can I offer up another perspective... it relates to a belief of mine that we, as strategists, need to think more deeply about how we might more constructively help disruptive technology startups with their strategic thinking in the earliest iterations of their businesses. The challenge is this: traditional corporate strategy has focused on strategy in relation to the execution of an already proven business model. But, as Steve Blank tells us, "startups are not small versions of large companies". So would it be logical to assume that startup strategy should not be a small version of large company strategy? What I'm getting at is that startups must first develop an effective strategy to help them validate their business model before they can shift to something wholly execution based. Arguably a disruptive startup embodies a strategy of trajectory, yet they must prove their business model in the present not the future. Resources such as The Lean Startup are truly excellent but it is not a book on strategy per se, 'Lean' being a methodological concept rather than 'a strategy' (an important point often missed by less experienced founders). I'd be interested to know how you, and others, believe such early stage strategy should be best considered. Thank you.
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Jul 29, 2015