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Ricardo Bueno
Los Angeles, CA
Interests: Blogging, Social Media, Social Networking, Internet Marketing
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Mar 15, 2010
This is one of my favorite social media videos out there! Just sayin'... And the stats are just simply amazing when you really think about it...
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2009 on Socialnomics at Julia Roy, A Digital Girl
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@Steve: I just wanted to drop in and say that this was an awesome video.
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Speaking of your book, I loved it! Ok, I'm only about 1 chapter away from finishing it but it was great and I recommend it (you said you'd be grateful for a review via's comin'). PS. Enjoy your time in Los Angeles.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2009 on My Quiet but Busy February at
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Hey Paul, Congratulations on the new project with Wiley! I'm sure it's going to turn out great!
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Hmm...this is a tough one. I don't know that I could point out any one single person. I've learned from several people throughout the years. But it all started when I was a youngster (around 13) doing tradeshows and selling beanie-babies. Remember those? They were a hot item back then. Anyway, I learned a lot in those days between managing the store and working the booth at the shows with my friend Gary. He taught me a lot and well, still coaches me every now and again.
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I love Typepad. Have been a user for ~ 2 years (own two blogs) and I plan on sticking with typepad for a long time. My readers however are wordpress users (most of them anyway). So requiring registration for a Typepad Profile (even if it is Free), just to get a personal gravatar is a barrier to conversation. Most of them won't get a Typepad Profile. It's like blogs that require registration to comment. In most cases it's a barrier to conversation and I opt to not comment instead. Then again, who cares about the personal photo right? Well, think of it like this. What if you and I were the only ones who had a Typepad Profile (and uploaded a personal photo) here on this thread. How silly would it look if only our photos registered and everyone else's was just a generic pic. That's just weird to me. Don't you think? Or am I being totally ridiculous? You can be honest. I can take it :-) Thanks again Ginevra for caring!
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@Skip: this sounds pretty cool! I went over to the site and checked out some of the categories and contributing authors...looks like solid info. to me! Look forward to seeing it develop...
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Hey Ginevra, I appreciate you following up with me (both here and on my blog)! I didn't want you to think I forgot to follow up with you... Will have that email over midweek to discuss one of the things that was concerning me.
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I have a lot of readers who are not on Typepad. When they leave a comment (with the new Typepad Connect Features installed) a generic photo is left rather than the one that they might otherwise have with their gravatar account. It's complicated to require them to register a Typepad Profile (even if it is free); their own personal feedback not mine. In fact, one person said: "I sign up for a lot of things. But I wouldn't sign up for a profile there just get my mug on it. It would be great if it just worked and wasn't complicated." Thoughts? I like Typepad. I really do! But I'm not going to require a passport just to leave your profile shot on there. I'd rather delete that feature all together (it's less complicated that way) as much as I like it. My wordpress readers should be able to just comment and have their personal gravatar photo show up. Please?! Pretty please!
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