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Pretty awesome. Has anyone cast a vote yet?
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Interestingly, the first gene patent was issued in 1906. However, with the recent discussion of whether a gene can be patented and having the decision hinging on the Supreme Court, I wonder what will happen if it does get denied. It will approximately affect over 8,000 patents related to human engineered genes (you can see the number of gene patents available here: ). Any thoughts?
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The design of this product is quite appealing. It kind of makes you wonder how many "electric plug" related patents have been issued. Off hand, it doesn't seem like a popular technology to patent, but interestingly there has been a rising trend in "electrical plug" related technology in the past years. Here's a graph that indicates this: Although the number of patents issued for "electric plugs" might be meager in comparison to other technologies, it's still interesting to see the rising trend.
Nice blog you have here, Steve. I really do like the whole mission about this competition. However, do you have to be a UK citizen to participate? Or do you just need to manufacture the idea in the UK? [Ricardo, as far as I can gather you only need to promise to manufacture it in the UK. Ed.]
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Feb 24, 2012