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Always wear protection.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on ADVISORY at Dave Barry's Blog
Dave - while I'm in full rant mode, next time you see SK, tell him to this day I wish I stopped near the end of the Dark Tower series when the author's note suggested... Whew, rant = off...
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on GAME OF THRONES ANALYSIS at Dave Barry's Blog
I read half of the first book. I was really looking forward to it since I had heard so much about it. Wow, the book was one of the WORST things I have ever read. It started very slow but I thought it was just taking time to develop. Then about half way through I realized it isnt slow, it just is stupid, childish and absolutely SUCKS! Many way better fantasy series to read (wot, name of the wind, black prism to name a few)...
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on GAME OF THRONES ANALYSIS at Dave Barry's Blog
Think long and hard before crossing swords with agent P.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2019 on HE'S NOT IN AT THE MOMENT at Dave Barry's Blog
I can't believe she blew his cover.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2019 on HE'S NOT IN AT THE MOMENT at Dave Barry's Blog
Good one Ralph, you are as funny as a heart attack! If the merits of national health care can't be worked out here, then why do we even have this blog? Perhaps to bring seriousness to our otherwise hilarious days. Well, back to telling jokes to my boss...
In Texas, unbelievably, playing loud music at all hours and shooting guns in the air is not unusual at all.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2019 on SO THAT’S A NO at Dave Barry's Blog
I call bs on this whole story. A cherry pie maybe, but apple? No way!
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2019 on TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE at Dave Barry's Blog
Not only did the aliens cause the crash, they stole the drivers stash of meth. Alien terrorist bastards.
Worst meal ever: British black beans and rice.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2019 on GUYS IN ACTION at Dave Barry's Blog
It is all flight attendants sacred doody.
That is great news! --Ho Lee Chit
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2019 on UPDATE ON THE PHO KEENE GREAT at Dave Barry's Blog
I can't get "You can ring my bell" out of my head.... Abhh..
I find kilt commando keeps the family jewels at optimum operating temperature.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2019 on NOBEL PRIZE ALERT at Dave Barry's Blog
Hello, yes I like to report, two, umm, I mean one suspicious package...
If he was Catholic only a fish taco for Christmas Eve would do...
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2018 on SEEMS REASONABLE ENOUGH at Dave Barry's Blog
I personally haven't noticed any significant differences between WASPs, WOPs, or JAPs. More research needed.
But I thought wasp's nests was the bee's knees.
Friendly skys indeed. How many miles for that upgrade?
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2018 on EXTREME BEVERAGE SERVICE at Dave Barry's Blog
Thanks for the cake Mom! Dad says he likes black cherry pie when there isn't enough candy at home.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2018 on HAPPY BIRTHDAY at Dave Barry's Blog
This smells a little fishy.
Ouch! I apologise. Apparently my dog hacked this account. Bad dog!
He said dead cat like it was a bad thing.
I know I will never forget where I was when I heard the news of the horrible loss of life. It was a gut punch and I still feel the pain daily, around noon.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2018 on ROCK LOBSTER at Dave Barry's Blog