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Clarice, Every meritless diversity hire and/or promotion sows another "discrimination" mine in the office. It is simply much safer to avoid the minefield by working from home and focusing on being more productive. The current WH/Executive wave of departures continues to assure us of the existence of self preservation instinct through avoidance of association with true incompetents.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2022 on Officing Alone at JustOneMinute
I suspect Ms. Noonan had no exposure whatsoever to basic and advanced military training. That aside, she made no case for a significant societal benefit to be derived from forced exposure to others, who may or may not be able to differentiate between something as basic as good and evil. Henry remarked long term employees marked desire to work from home rather than endure the banal forced civility induced by confinement with others. Perhaps they have gained all they ever might want from forced association?
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2022 on Officing Alone at JustOneMinute
"Maybe even revenge for grifting by their own govt." Clarice, Perhaps, it's certainly a less complicated solution than cumbersome judicial proceedings. I would expect more unexpected fatal occurrences involving Ministry of Defense and high ranking military if its a graft issue though. Vlad might use some nice warm bowls of polonium borscht for that problem.
"Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID-19" Perhaps Africans reluctance to be injected with experimental drugs using false claims of prevention has examination of actual results as a basis? The therapeutic involved would have to be labeled as such and no EUA could pertain as it does to the fake prophylactic. AFAIK, Africans are not at all reluctant to use Ivermectin to prevent river blindness. Perhaps actual efficacy is the best explanation? That or they have better witch doctors.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2022 on Vaccine Panic At The Times at JustOneMinute
Massive increase in Black Americans murdered was result of defund police movement: experts The Bloods vs Crips drama in the Ukraine has an interesting counterpart in every Blue Hell here in the States. Turf wars between gangs of thugs date back to before the end of the Roman Republic (probably before the end of Sumeria as well but written history is rather scant for that era). The propaganda machine that elevated a cheap black thug to St. Floyd status as well as successfully de-funding community policing to the point where black on black homicide is becoming as common as drug dealing in the same communities is the same machine trying to enlist support for one side or another in Ukraine (albeit, with higher civilian casualties). Trying to determine whether Putin stinks worse than Zelensky has become too tiring. It's like trying to determine whether Harris or Biden has higher cognitive function in comparison to the average turnip.
I mentioned it as a strategy. Ignatz, Given the clarity of Russia's declaration of war aims (which were focused on the Donbass, as well as Nazi rat hunting in Mariupol), the Kiev encirclement as well as the "40 mile convoy" which preceded it does appear to be a strategic feint to tie down troops. Russian war aims require passage by the Ukrainian legislature of legislation (or revision of the constitution) precluding membership in NATO. Russia is not particularly interested in the utterances of Commandante Zelenski which have absolutely no legislative validity. The withdrawal of Russian forces around Kiev allows the legislature to conduct business without a literal "gun to the head". Maybe Zelensky will appear before the legislature in a toga or a clown costume rather than his Commandante costume but he really isn't necessary for the conclusion of this demonstration of realpolitik.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2022 on She's Running! at JustOneMinute
bubarooni, The French map updates daily and there's a more detailed map available immediately below it. Russia turned up the heat yesterday but has colled it down around Kiev today as Zelensky begins the process of complying with Russian demands (fig leaf sizing in process).
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2022 on Say It Ain't So, Joe! at JustOneMinute
Peace talks set for Istanbul. Maybe Putin will grant a cease fire but I believe it would be dependent upon the success to date of the rat hunting in Mariupol.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2022 on Say It Ain't So, Joe! at JustOneMinute
France's Ministry of Defense provides a very clear map of the military situation today in Ukraine. Further territorial advances by Russia would exceed initial conflict objectives and would constitute an expansion of war aims. The utterances of a befuddled buffoon whose incompetence is only exceeded by his incontinence should be measured against the map at the end of the conflict. Russia can be expected to withdraw from the area around Kiev but very little withdrawal is likely to occur elsewhere. Ukraine would be better off receiving shipments of fertilizer rather than armaments or NATO toy soldiers.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2022 on Say It Ain't So, Joe! at JustOneMinute
I would suggest a review of initially stated war aims with a side by side comparison of Russian speaking Ukraine and current Russian positions might provide some hint as to the rationale for lack of advance. Kiev is being casually reduced by artillery in order to add impetus to Zelensky,s capitulation and the Russians are rather energetically disposing of the Nazis in and around Mariupol. Additionally, spring planting seems to be delayed.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2022 on Back In Ukraine at JustOneMinute
Barbara, It's comforting to know that Pfizer undoubtedly has a vaccine readily available should there be any "accidental" releases from the labs. Or, more likely, should one of the Ukrainian oligarch's gangs (militia) decide to see what happens as the Russian keep checking gang tats and shooting everyone with the wrong tat.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2022 on Doomsday Watch Open Thread at JustOneMinute
How in the world can Putin withstand this blistering twitter barrage coupled with corporate ESG virtue signaling? Surely it has to bring him to his knees soon.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2022 on Doomsday Watch Open Thread at JustOneMinute
Mel, What's really going on is Russians are being forced to pay almost $1.40 per gallon for gas today. That'll teach 'em.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2022 on Doomsday Watch Open Thread at JustOneMinute
Rocco, I apply the Sicilian saying of "chi parla non sa, chi sa non parla" to just about everything involved in this mess. I'm unaware of the formalities required to resign or retire from criminal enterprises, the typical separation seems to be rather abrupt in most cases - like the oligarchs in the UK recently who hanged themselves.
Rocco, Your comments regarding the Azov thugs led me to this guy who bankrolled and gave media assistance to Zelensky. The Wiki piece gives a nice precis of why he is being sought by Putin as well as being "investigated" by the FBI. These Russian/Ukrainian thugs certainly don't seem to be very nice people.
Rocco, Zelensky's recent remarks indicate a bitter recognition that the Western forces appear to be more focused on transgender and diversity issues than nasty, misogynist, gun loving military preparedness. The Rainbow Unicorn Division of the Twitter Army is still willing to get its ballet slippers muddy but the problem just isn't going to be typed away.
Rocco, I second Iggies sentiment. Colombo/Gambino Iran/Iraq Russia/Ukraine The best choice is whatever keeps one furthest from any of them.
Many things are possible when the leadership of the opposition can be safely characterized as feckless blathering eunuchs mired in a cesspool of corruption of their own making.
Happy Birthday, Jane.
China sees a market opportunity. India needs Russian wheat. Brazil really needs Russian fertilizer. Altreality is hard to play on an empty stomach. At least Americans are able to easily calculate sanction costs every time they buy gas.
Russia's ban on fertilizer exports which began in early February will probably be extended for a while. Germany needs to figure out how to make wind mills and solar panels produce ammonium nitrate. With China declining to participate in the awesome display of the power of sanctions on a relatively self sufficient economy, the vast impact of the sanctions may require some time to become apparent.
The NRO writer does a decent job but he neglects to mention that some of the reluctance to advance may be due to the Ukrainians being "neighbors". How ruthless would American forces be with Canada as a foe? They will overcome the reluctance in short order but the first few days have little to do with the outcome. Ukraine is about 90% the size of Texas as well. It's going to be awhile before this is over.
Henry, The only thing interesting re thermobaric was that Putin threatened to use them, then used them (as he has in the past). Yes, they are just bombs but he was making a point wrt Grozny IMO.
Can Kiev beat the Chechen record for siege resistance set in Grozny? Putin used thermobarics in addition to artillery in reducing Grozny so his threat to do so in Ukraine should be taken seriously. I don't believe Putin intends an actual occupation of Ukraine but I do believe he intends to achieve his primary objectives.
Rocco, I find it easier to regard this dust up in terms of watching the Colombo - Gambino altercations. To the extent the altercation retards the growth of the globalism contagion, I would regard it in a positive light. The globalists are working to reinvigorate the battle against the SkyDragon. The cost of that battle is much greater than any cost which Putin will impose.