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I am still very sorry to see that pople still have the currage to use this side for privade matters. I have notive that my Danny Boy and rexon are still so self mineded that they still think to use this side for jokes, I will advice you to stop this uncontiouse dicusion of cpdm and other things which have little to do with developpment in our country. We have an , that of letting our country look like one of that best African state in the world, but how, to be self dicipline,ecc....... you are but right and wrong on your argurments.
I wish cameroonian to stop looking back at themselves but to start thinking of the future of our country when ever we think to Drop and let to rest Our Best man Pual Biya. Lets not use this forum to fight our political oponents but think of meeting up with rest of the world. Whether the other opposition parties joint the goverment or not, is not the solution. Lets change our Ideals. Where today in the world, there is a president for 25yrs?????????. Cameroon is known out as a country with the President being a Dictator which perhaps the poor President is not awear. Lets change hands and it has no taste we are free to change again. lets start being flexible men and women.
I Am happy, yes becuase if the peace that reign in cameroon but will at the same time we cameroonians should learn to chang our meals not only becuase we need to have another taste but for the fact to develope new talents. Our President Pual biya Has done his part and still looking forward in doing more. But the questions to all cameroonians of that "Is he the only literate cameroonian that we have to keep stressing him for 25years?. We should not only seat down and enjoy what we are stilling behind him but also think of being at the level of the rest of the world. I am ashame tell me friend with me abroad that My country has a President in Power for 25yrs. He is not bad as a president but I think we have exhuasted hin so much.I an not interested in whether a francophone of Anglophone being a president but for the fact that we can not burst for a change in anything with a leader for 25yrs. Humanly speeking, he should not be wrong to act as he does but has been force by us to give what he does not have at hand.Whether the twin election in cameroon has gone good or not, the fact is that lets start thinking to renew our country and allow our man Pual Biya to seat back and enjoy his life for he has done his best, Enough is Enough.