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Richard Carmichael
Toronto, ON
Social Innovator, Absent Minded Father of three
Interests: Family fun, fresh air and frolicking with the kids. Harnessing the power of social media to advance the causes of the people who care.
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Dec 15, 2009
Interesting how nobody has mentioned Google Wave. I suspect that while this is flying under the radar at the moment, Google's newest collaboration tool will have a profound impact on how we not only communicate going forward, but how we collaborate at home, work and play. It might take some time before we see wholesale adoption into large corporate or government organizations, but I can already see real benefits accruing to anyone who needs to collaborate with other people, to brainstorm, share thoughts, ideas, images, audio and documents with a handful of others across town or around the globe using real time, web based collaborative technologies like Wave. We are experimenting with it now at FRANK. We focus a great deal of our time developing Social Innovation projects for corporate clients, Social Enterprise and non-profits. Everything involves collaboration, management and approval by committee, meetings meetings and more meetings. We all could save a lot of time and accomplish more in less time if we were to adapt the process and incorporate more of this type of real time collaboration methodology. Anyone have a similar experience they want to share? How have you used collaboration technologies to mitigate the risks of too many meetings, withi too much time in between and management by committee that can only meet once a month?
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Dec 11, 2009