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Richard Crouch
Arlington, Virginia
Trial and appellate lawyer specializing in international and interstate family law
Interests: Local history, civil war, civil liberties
Recent Activity
Jennifer Weiner once opined that while watching soccer is gay in one sense of the word, it is not prima facie evidence of a husband's homosexuality per se, unless accompanied by "multitasking". Be that as it may, it does apparently... Continue reading
Michigan international family lawyer Jeanne Hannah has noted a new U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Turner v. Rogers, saying that a parent facing jail for non-payment of support has a right either to a lawyer or to procedures that would... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2011 at The Family Law News Blog
Yes, we're all against sexual discrimination by government, but this highlights why maybe it should not be categorically banned. Women's self-defense courses are based on serious physical, sexual, social, behavioral and statistical differences between most men and most women. Women's... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2011 at The Family Law News Blog
A Plan for Rebuilding Marriage and Family in America | The Heritage Foundation. Although this report was issued by a conservative foundation, its specific proposals are nonpartisan, creative, and focused on cultural recovery, not culture wars -- kind of like... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2011 at The Family Law News Blog
F & F Commends, Offers Support to GLAD in Miller/Jenkins Lesbian Child Custody Dispute Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2011 at The Family Law News Blog
Charged With Murdering Her Mother-in-Law, Rosa Hill Says Stress of Custody Battle Made Her Do It -- Fathers & Families. Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2011 at The Family Law News Blog
Virginia Family Law Appeals: Left-behind parent coming to Va. for UCCJEA case can't get served here or incur Va. jurisdiction. Continue reading
Virginia Family Law Appeals: Left-behind parent coming to Va. for UCCJEA case can't get served here or incur Va. jurisdiction. Continue reading
The Philippine Star reports that Filipino Rep. Neri Colmenares filed House Bill 3952, titled “An Act Recognizing Spousal Violence, Infidelity and Abandonment as Presumptive Psychological Incapacity Constituting a Ground for the Annulment of Marriage." He said the bill is “intended... Continue reading
This new UK case may not exactly violate the Hague Convention, but it uses the mature child's objection defense in a situation where it isn't extraordinarily compelling and if it was considered in most cases like this one, there would... Continue reading
'Moynihan was writing to President Lyndon Johnson about the plight of broken black families. “You were born poor,” he tells the president. “You were brought up poor. Yet you came of age full of ambition, energy, and ability. Because your... Continue reading
Reblogged Nov 3, 2010 at The Family Law News Blog
Lawyer, social worker, trainer and author Bill Eddy, a hero to some members of my collaborative divorce practice group, recognizes parental alienation but says it shouldn't be a psychological diagnosis, because slapping the "alienator" and "alienated" label on family members... Continue reading
Reblogged Nov 2, 2010 at The Family Law News Blog
"Finally, the foreign minister and I discussed among other issues one that is of particular importance for parents and children in both countries. The Japanese Government is taking steps toward ratifying the Hague Convention on International Parental Child Abduction and... Continue reading
According to a fascinating, well-written article by Lynn Welchman in the new 2010 International Survey of Family Law, Quatar, Bahrain and the UAE have recently codified their shari'a-based family laws, incorporating major improvements in how women and children are treated... Continue reading
Japan to join The Hague convention on child custody - Japan Today People who work with Japanese abduction cases are cautious about assuming that it will actually happen and that the treaty will be implemented effectively. Still, we are glad... Continue reading
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