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Some good points Dave. So far, David hasn't responded to my questions at all, though I know he has visited my blog. And no one else appears to agree with him about the abuse he claims to have received in comments there. Since I'm more and more convinced that there's no chance of this getting anywhere near a courtroom, I wonder what he is hoping to achieve?
It was a very helpful event, and I was impressed by ustream. I hope to be able to join you for the next one.
I agree with Matt - the summary will be very important. I'm glad of the open review too. That's our chance to show some imagination and daring!
I agree with your first two points I think, but I'm mystified by your third. To reach that conclusion you have to assume a hidden motive which the paper's author has consistently denied. With Pam, I just can't buy the conspiracy theory. It'll be fascinating to see what happens at Council. I almost wish I was on it!
Some good thoughts, Pete. I suspect that the paper is as long as it is because the author couldn't assume that Council would know what the new media were about. Blogging might have gone mainstream, but I still meet people who don't get it. As for Twitter...! I don't think this paper is negative about social media at all -- in fact, that we should be involved is taken for granted. And, whatever anyone says, I can't see anything in the proposals that suggests control freakery or a desire to suppress debate.
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Jan 28, 2010