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I have two reactions to these expectations for equal pay. If said discrimination really exists then it describes an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Go into business; hire women for a higher wage than they could otherwise get; sell your product for a price below the price which can be reached by your competitors who pay higher wages to men; take business away from your discriminating competitors; profit; narrow the hated wage gap; make yourself rich. Anyone who knows that they see discrimination should be able to act in this way to alleviate the discrimination. Anyone who refuses to act so to alleviate their complaint may be falsifying their preferences. People who want to equalize dollar wages across the two sexes have fallen already into a sexist error, I believe, by focusing upon a male value. Earning lots of dollars is probably a male value, more than a female value. Men on average want dollars, if I am not mistaken, so they can support a wife and family. Women on average, unless I am mistaken, place a higher value on quality time with young children. Consider what it would be like with the shoe on the other foot. Suppose the unit of currency were pegged to one hour of quality time with a bright healthy young child. A review of incomes in this currency would find women vastly overpaid compared to men. A considerate, progressive government would force a redistribution in the currency, from women to men. I would suggest that the Democrats in Congress go to work with this aim.
Ditto Mario. Are these people in favor of free markets? or socialism?
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Sep 19, 2013