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Richard Hubbell
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Interesting and enlightened points you make. I am a Christian who does not celebrate any religious holidays, as there is no commandment to do so in the New Testament. You are precisely correct...Christmas' date was chosen because it coincided with a popular pagan holiday. Made it more palatable to the pagans, I suppose. Christ wasn't born in December. I don't have any problem with people celebrating it...I'm not some disgruntled weirdo in a rural shack lol...I just think people should cut through old superstitions and know the truth about their belief systems. Thanks for an excellent post. Richard
A "harvest-all","plow-all", and "plant-all" button would be just splendid and would save soooo much time.
AGAIN lost ALL my gifts on transfer. About done with Farmville. Apparently the programmers are just not up to it. Have had lots of friends say FarmTown is better. Sorry I spent ANY money buying those damn FVs. Farmville needs to give its farmers something free and cool FAST to make up for the lost gifts everyone is experiencing....
Hey, Jew-loving Zynga's a CHRISTMAS tree!!!!!!! And stop having the damn game reset all the time...invest some of your money into better servers or I'm off to FarmTown. Thirdly, when you try to collect gifts, stupid Farmville deletes them (as of today, Dec. 4). Ya'll are really starting to drop the ball (notice I didn't say CHRISTMAS ball so as not to damage your delicate sensitivities). Stop kissing Jewish and Muslim ass and realize that America is 99% Christian.
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Dec 4, 2009