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Hi Bill, Thanks for the mention! My feeling is that the technology makes social business possible, but it's the people who make it succeed. I have seen many experts dismiss the technology as unimportant, which I believe is wrong, because it the technology is often the catalyst or the enabler to start a business working more socially. But equally, organizations that are not prepared to embrace the organizational change that social business brings will fail to get full value out of that technology. The integration piece is an interesting point, which perhaps highlights a slightly different issue. I've found the original graphic from Jeremiah Owyang which mentions this ( Note the way that in an organization with advanced social business maturity, the custom technology development spending leaps up from being more than 5x more than that of an organization with intermediate maturity. My theory for this (which I don't have confirmation from Altimeter about, but I do have many pieces of anecdotal evidence with which to justify it) is that in the early stages, organizations adopt social tools in a somewhat chaotic fashion. It is only as the projects mature, they go back and tie it all together. That's why [ warning - shameless product plug approaching ] we at BroadVision make a big thing about Clearvale's "social ecosystems" that allow these various internal and external social initiatives to be managed a coherent whole entity.
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Nov 30, 2011