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Richard Lindsay
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Sad to see the blog end. It's been such a great repository for weirdness. Thanks also in no small part to your blog posts, Bob. They've been nothing short of fascinating. Thank you so much and I look forward to following your blog.
Dumb. This might seem like a good idea to vinyl n00bs, for whom quality, variety and eclecticism with regard to selection aren't issues - and those who value convenience over the joy of discovery - But the moniker "Netflix of vinyl" just sounds preposterous. It's like saying 'the McDonalds of gourmet food'
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I wanna go to the Vent Haven Museum and ask why don't they have anything for Willie Tyler and Lester - ala Buggin' Out in Do The Right Thing
That CAN'T be the only Jimmy Hoffa song, can it?
Are you sure those Way Out Ideas pictures didn't come out of the Jonestown compound?
The voice reminds me of the voice on the 1969 movie The Monitors that would intone: "The Monitors are your friends. Trust the Monitors..."
Poor Tony Levin...
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Jun 28, 2011