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This is a super post, Amy, and I'm very grateful to you for the info about Sylvia Plath and the bees! Had no idea about that, and so you saved me a lot of legwork. I think it's hysterical that Eloy Martínez was a journalist in real life before and after becoming a novelist and a professor: the "hallucinatory" mood you describe so well doesn't really fit with our stereotypes about journalism, does it? Anyway, thanks for reading along with the group--I hope you enjoy having company for the read this time. Cheers! (
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2010 on Santa Evita at New Century Reading
Three cheers for more "non-Orlando reading weekends," Amy! I too completely DIDN'T CONNECT with Woolf's "humor" here, weird since I liked the previous two Woolf in Winter titles so much. P.S. I usually write my readalong posts before reading other people's, but I'll dip in here or there if I'm running behind or if the spirit moves me (the latter usually with my favorite bloggers). That you can joke about being a poseur proves you aren't one in my book, ha!
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on Orlando at New Century Reading
Amy, I too lost patience with Kristin--and by extension, Undset--over all the crying. Too much soap opera for me! And while I hope that Lavrans and Ragnfrid will appear in flashback in part three, I'm afraid I'll be praying for "the gift of non-retention" of my own as far as most of parts one and two of Kristin Lavransdatter are concerned. Thanks for joining us in the readalong, though!
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Nov 29, 2009