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Richard Mitnick
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Absolutely great post. Via the radio and the computer, John has been my second greatest music teacher after my father. My best tale is when John had Steve Reich on the weekend show with the premier of the Desert Music, I had my cassette recorder on to "steal" the music. Afterward, I realized that I could buy the music; but the interview was priceless. I wrote to John(snail mail in those days)to ask if a transcript was available. He wrote back not with a transcript, but rather with the date that the program would be repeated, and told me to have my cassette recorder ready. I still have that interview, now in digital form. Of course, I bought the music, and a ton more of Steve's music. New Sounds was and is still responsible for bringing to the public great stuff. Nadia Sirota over on Q2 comes close to John, but, he has no equal.
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Re: Zune I have four 120 gig Zunes: Jazz, Classical, Rock, Video. I maintain them by trickle charge from USB only. I hope that they last a long time, because there is nothing better.
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On the DVD "Saxophone Colossus" is most of Sonny's composition "Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra". I wanted to buy the music, it was very nice. I cannot find that it was ever recorded in its entirety. Anybody know of a recording?
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