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It's just ironic to me that anyone would make a comment on this site that Inoni is the best PM Cameroon has ever had when he is the only sitting PM in the history of the entire country to be interrogated at a police station for suspicion of embezzlement of public funds. That alone says a lot in my opinion. Everyone who knows Inoni is quite aware that the man has always been greedy, corrupt and power hungry. In that sense, I'm not surprised that all of those factors have caught up with him and led him into his current situation. I just wish The Post would attempt to maintain a small measure of integrity by reporting the facts of the case as it is brought forth to the public and keeping itself out of the story. Otherwise it may as well change its name from The Post to "Inoni Public Relations."
Royal, I vehemently disagree with your perspective although I respect your personal opinion, which I am entitled to. In my opinion, and I do believe in the mind of several Cameroonians, if anyone were to consider some of the best PMs the country has had, Inoni doesn't even come close. Matter of fact, he doesn't make the list. Sure, maybe he did have some successes as a civil servant here and there but as PM, he has been an unbelievable failure in my opinion. Even a good number of civil servants who work at the prime ministry complain about his incompetence and ineffectiveness. The claim of Inoni not being able to be liked by all has absolutely nothing to do with my comments and I could care less about the man himself. What really annoys me however, is the obvious bias in The Post's reporting whenever he is concerned. I don't think that is objective journalism at all. Just see even the praises that are involved when they refer to him-they load it all with crowns and all sorts of titles, often way more than necessary. Example: "The Prime Minister PM, His Excellency Chief Ephraim Inoni," etc. Before this Albatross scandal became as hot as it is now, The Post had already vindicated Inoni and cleared him of all culpability with one article which stated: "The Prime Minister is said to not be directly involved in the Albatross affair." You're refusing to acknowledge and accept the pro-Inoni bias that is involved in The Post's reporting and I'm expressing my disapproval as a conscious reader simply looking for objectivity. The number of people who not only write praise articles for Inoni on The Post but who also do the same in their comments is definitely more than reason enough to question if he hasn't bought this newspaper over. Give people a break!
Please give people a break with this your endless biased pro-Inoni reporting, The Post. Don't pick sides, don't attempt to enhance anyone's image. Report the facts and the news, that's all. Keep your emotions and personal biases out of it. Let the investigators determine who's guilty and who's not. Newspapers shouldn't be the ones doing that.
This is what really pisses me off about this newspaper. No one has to be a genius to figure out that it's basically a public relations tool for Inoni. I mean, every single article on this newspaper, at least on the online version, has been so pro-Inoni biased ever since his appointment in 2004. I've lost a lot of respect for this newspaper. True journalists stay above the fray and avoid bias and propaganda in their reporting. Inoni isn't above the law and there is no smoke without fire. If found guilty, he should pay the price. Despite what The Post says, it's ironic that his name has been repeatedly mentioned by most defendants in the Albatross scandal as being one of the key players. The mere fact that a sitting PM is accused of corruption and interrogated is scandalous enough. In other parts of the world, those involved would step down from their position to clear their names as private citizens because his image among his co-members of government has been tainted, compromising his ability to effectively carry out his duties and this isn't good for the image of the country. Never before have I seen any Cameroonian newspaper singing as much blind songs of praise to a sitting prime minister as The Post does with Inoni.It's obvious someone or some people at this newspaper must be getting something in return. By the way and in all honesty, what has Inoni achieved in four years as PM? Absolutely nothing. Talk to ordinary Cameroonians on the street and the majority will tell you the man is a joke, incompetent and doesn't know what he's doing. Cameroonians aren't that stupid. Don't keep forcing your biased reporting down people's throats.