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Get it below 10% then they'll ban it.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2011 on Just butt out already! at THE FREEDOM ASSOCIATION
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Close call though, 5 - 4Close call though, 5 - 4
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Apr 20, 2011
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Apr 7, 2011
Last year, Big Brother Watch reported on a group of Medway school children who were sent onto the streets of Chatham to harass members of the public smoking cigarettes. Known as "ciggie busters", the prepubescent crack team would approach members of the public and pluck the cigarettes out of their... Continue reading
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The person who reported it should be done for offending intelligence and common sense ffs.
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Kerry McCarthy is in need of a wet Halibut around the chops. I can't be bothered respecting people like that, they don't deserve it.
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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via Flickr via Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2010 at Richardnicholas Mitton's blog
So, a pay cap ratio of 20 to 1. So if you want a bigger pay cheque at the top you have to start paying more at the bottom. Everyone wins except the tax payer. The bosses won't be putting up much of a fight against the unions then will they. I don't care if this supposedly shows the extreme side of it. But check the site out. Everything you see is within Sharia Law and Islam.
I spent 15 years in telecommunications/computers. My basic advice to anyone and everyone is 'Don't put anything on the Internet that you don't want the world to know' A little simplistic,I know, but that should be the basic premise that everyone should follow. "Need to Know".
Wacking this on Digg.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2010 on Paul Chambers appeal at Big Brother Watch
Yer. said ages ago, dogs are a lot better and more efficient than body scanners. they don't get tired of "The Game" and they're pretty much uncorruptable. Ah, now I see. Plus there's not that much dosh to be made by investing in dogs, certainly not as much as to be made by investing in high tech.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2010 on Italians reject body scanners at Big Brother Watch
Can I stone a muslim for being someone who believes in stoning as a form of punishment. The reason I ask is that I don't believe in any sort of myusticism. But I do think that anybody that advocates the death of anyone is the devil.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on More Death Threats at Atlas Shrugs
CCTV didn't do much good for Jean Menzies either did it?
To all you Cons. I'm ex Tory now a proud member of UKIP. Your lying scumbag of a leader will never ever get my vote again. and I will do my damndest to make sure you never get back into sole power. You are not worthy of governing me, or the UK. Your leader is a yellow streaked chicken. He and clagg will never give us a referendum on the politcal union of the eu. He says it isn't possible, well excuse me, but the Lisbon constitution has an article for member states to leave, so he's lieing. He is a cheat and a vagabond of the worst kind. At least with Clagg we know where he's coming from. We do not need the eu for anything on a politcal front. Trade won't stop if we left, don't forget they trade with us as well. Nothing nasty will happen, in fact if we left nothing but good would happen to this country. Your leader seems to not have very much faith in his countrymen and the business peole that he is supposed to serve. The Conservitive Party has hit a new low in ethics, morality and integrity. The conservitive Party is not a worthy government. It is despicable.
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All immigrants whether from inside the eu or outside of the eu should have at least a modicum of english before they can settle here. If they can't speak the language, how can they work.
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****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************I hope I've made myself clear. Never mind the money it cost, the damn thing is atrocious.
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Who the hell does she think she is. Who's bloody mother is she trying to be. Has she got kids?
What an idiotic police force.
What an idiotic woman.