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Richard Parkin
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I guess you must have been inputting text online since otherwise either autosave or Time Machine would have saved your bacon.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on Blog Note: SNAFU at The Online Photographer
Thanks Mike and thanks Kirk. Often one reads a post and finds it informative or insightful but has no need to comment on it. A "Thanks" button would do the trick as others have suggested. Actually, they suggested a "Like" button but I think "Thanks" feels more appropriate.
You may miss that the ADJ button can be turned OFF in menus which means it then does nothing, probably the state yours is in. This is true for the GRD1 so I am almost sure it will be true for GXR given Ricoh's conservatism.
Curiously, the Apple OS X dictionary gives as an example "Mick was futzing around with his camera".
"... John Lennon's first car was a French racing blue(?) Ferrari and his last was a homely, olive green Chrysler station wagon. When a Ferrari is your first car I guess there is nowhere to go but down" Going from French racing blue to British racing green is definitely going up not down :)
I find the easiest way is to copy your Amazon UK link and make it my Amazon UK bookmark. You should get a share of a cordless hedge trimmer and a Scorpion saw this week! I always thought you deserved every penny you get from this site but after reading your copyfight post I'm even more of that opinion. TOP has always seemed a sea of calm and rational opinions and I am amazed to read that it is seething under the surface! Best wishes and, as we say in the UK 'nil carborundum illegitimi'.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2011 on Mean Mike at The Online Photographer
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Jun 28, 2011