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Richard Pauli
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Thanks for the Sea Level rise tracking maps. We keep hearing that inundation of permafrost by rising seas will trigger vastly more methane and more warming. Seems totally plausible for a tipping event. I just wonder how much area are we talking about? I see from Google Earth that so much of the polar regions of AK, Canada and Siberia are near sea level. I just wonder what a half meter or full meter of sea level rise might flood. Three meters? Of course the black sheep wild cards are the Arctic storms and tidal surges... how much does an ice sheet dampen tidal forces? I read that Antarctic ice sheets will rise an fall with tides. Even the thickest 700feet will flex. But a surge or large tide would break ice, wouldn't it? If Frankenstorm Sandy surged 3 meters above high tide, then shouldn't models evaluate 3 meters of sea level rise around the Arctic Ocean? Maybe there is a map plotted for this already. Soggy permafrost - there's another experiment: flood a small field of permafrost and measure the melt and methane release. Evaluate a one-time flood, and standing water on a field in summer. Even a few square meters would give good information. Anybody know if this been done already?
Seeking a mapping tool for observing the sea level rise flooding to lands around the Arctic Ocean. There are a few map programs out there, all seem to stop short of displaying areas around the Arctic. Any ideas?
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Apr 13, 2013