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Richard Reyes
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Bill, count me in!
Happy Birthday Bill!
Burpees are perfect for the 1st workout. Everyone can do them, no scaling.
December marks a YEAR that I've been doing Crossfit, I can honestly say that it's the best thing that I've done for my fitness ever! I feel better than I probably have in 10 years. In the last year I've gotten stronger, lost about 20 lbs, my clothes fit better, my knees no longer hurt, and I can go faster, longer on the dirt bike. In the past I was probably just like everyone else, get a gym membership, go for a few months, see no improvement and quit. CF isn't like normal gyms, the workouts are quick, hard, and different everyday. There is no chance to get bored and the team atmosphere is very motivational. My family, friends, and coworkers are probably all tired of hearing my talk about how great CF is. I just want them to experience the all around increase in the quality of life that CF can give you. Just show up, and don't be afraid of all the young kids (I'm 49). The trainers will take great care of you, and the workout will be scaled to your ability. Give it a few months, you'll see progress, and you too will be hooked.
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2011 on Inferno Testimonials!!! at CROSSFIT - INFERNO!!!
What, I already signed up for 4 days next week.
Kelly is awesome, I've been doing the above and others any time I'm in front of the tv.
Get ready for work: 1hr Work: 12hrs Commute: 2hrs Crossfit: 1hr Eat & Talk with Wife 1hrs Total 17hrs Sleep 24-17= 7hrs if I'm lucky. During Night shifts its more like 5-6 hours. It's a good thing I can FB at work!
Whit if we can't make it Wednesday night for the Paleo Challange?
Bill, what is the weight for the Sumo Deadlifts?
I'm glad I'm working today and can't make it to the beach WOD!
I knew something was wrong when no one got better than 30 reps in the first minute.
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May 17, 2011