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Richard Rumsey
Recent Activity said... My 4yr old Grandaughter was diagnosed with MRSA that caused an absess in her hip joint. From what I've read about this staff infection, I don't see how it's possible for a common skin infection to get inside her hip joint and cause it to become absessed wihtout any cut of any kind anywhere near her hip. Until today, I didn't know what MRSA was. She had to have surgery today to clean out the absess and has 3 different I.V.'s in her. Thge infection specialists has been very vague as to prognosious and not giving ANY solid answers as to her recovery time or side effects, if any, and I'm close to literally pinning him in a corner to get answers, but came here hoping to get educated first. ANYONE!!! out there with answers would be very welcomed at this point, Thanks in advance Rick Rumsey
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Dec 20, 2011