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Interests: photography, outdoors, gardening, working for Mideast peace
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I think the job of emperor hasn't been filled yet. Seriously, the NY Times quotes a Fox spokesperson saying there have been NO discussions w. Dobbs about coming to Fox since the mtg. w. Ailes. So unless Dobbs sealed a deal w. Ailes last month, Fox seems doubtful. Given how gradiose his farewell rhetoric was I think he might run for president as a Republican. For some, he'd be a dream candidate: name recognition, fundraising ability, builtin constituency, etc.
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...there would be a number of things I would always be proud of. One of the most important is that, over this past year, I encouraged or influenced several prominent blogs and websites to adopt a policy of crediting photos. I've been blogging for over 3 yrs. When I started using images of other photographers in my posts I didn't attribute. A few visitors accused me of theft. That made me more sensitive to what I was doing. I started crediting photographers but many of those who first accused me of theft didn't think providing attribution was enough. They felt you had to get prior permission (or pay) to run the photo. When I pointed out how impractical (& expensive) this was for a non-commercial blog I was labeled someone who merely excused my own lack of ethics. It was a disturbing series of conversations. But I feel more or less at peace about it. Only once has someone approached me with a demand that I pay for use of copyrighted material (& it didn't involve a photo). I also feature mp3 files on my blog, a portion of which is dedicated to world music. No photographer or performer has ever asked me to remove any material though of course I would immediately if asked. If you've written anything on this subject (your approach or thoughts about use of others' photo images in blogs) I'd like to read it. Do you think you could e mail a link if you have written such a post?
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2006 on Where Credit Is Due at BAGnewsNotes
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I'm with you on Le Pichet too. It's great. But I do have to report that my last meal there was less than stellar, which is truly an anomaly since every single other meal I've eaten there has been superb.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2005 on Daydreaming at Le Pichet at Seattle Bon Vivant
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Thomas' galactoboureko is pure creamy delight!
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