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Dave, I haven't seen you since 3 of your 9-lives ago, back at Aslan… So, quick intimate catch-up: (Hi, how are you, good-to-see-you, monetize, good luck with 500/s/u. I actually worked in that model with idealab & 30 startups in 96-97!) … "the asymmetric follow model and constrained, lightweight communication make it MUCH easier to engage aspirationally with celebrities & famous people on Twitter than on Facebook"… Your real money-quote if you ask me. I would add: Twitter's usability design just improved 100%, while Facebook, to me, keeps clutterizing. Yet, twitter's communication design is still a huge big *miss* for complete mass audience due to basic failures avid users presume everyone just "gets". Well they don't. Until it's bullet-proof clear that when you REPLY @person, that person's quoted tweet is now viewable, it's a broken system that breaks the paradigm of user expectation that "when I reply, I want to quote-reference what someone said". Though i understand the character count underlying issues, twitter will never hit 500million users till their UX people fix this till its bullet-proof clear. And I don't cares what all the current users haves to say about it. It's those who DON'T use it that matter -- they don't get it. And they also don't know when someone has seen what you've written either. 2 easy problems to solve, and if they ever even realize they NEED to solve these, THEN look out. … I *way* prefer twitter to fb; personally I cant stand fb, though i get why others love it :)
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Nov 2, 2010