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Bruce, Hello Again! Very nice to see your post on Robert's site. Your sharing of your inner journey establishes a consensus that our journey is inward and toward the central mind. We are all "dreamers" even while awake in "normal consensus reality" and the journey inward is experienced subjectively as an "apprehended sense of waking up"in life and discovering that we are not who we thought we were, we are the inner witnessing space where "we dreamed the story of our life". As a psychologist myself, I remember the various cult therapies of the sixties and early seventies. Like any religious movement, any therapy movement can take on much more than it was originally intended to remedy. An over-determined group of "therapist followers" often arises over time "as a cult following" and even when the original therapist dies, the shadow side of any "beleif/healing system often arises, much like the World Religions left behind by Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and countless other "avatars". Gestalt Therapy tried to prolong the image of the late Fritz Perls, who was a therapist of unique, spontaneous genuis. Milton Erickson's extraordinary ability to use paradox and story telling techniques, often completely off topic when he intuitively sensed an unconscious group or family dynamic arising, as in Strategic Family SystemsTherapy requires a therapist as gifted as Erickson or Perls in order for it to remain efficacious after the "master" has died. Schools of psychotherapy, like religious movements centered around a spiritual master, often fall into "all encompassing dogma" over time commencing after the master's death. It takes a gnosis to become a great Gestalt Therapist or Ericksonian Story Teller or neuro-lingusitic programming therapist, which both Perls and Erickson, were instrumental founders. Janov's Primal Therapy requires a therapist who is intuitive, who have themselves taken the inner journey into selflessness, to maintain the spirit and intuitive sponteneity of a Founding Master. The dangers of dogmatic fundamentalism and ego-inflated all encompassing claims for a particular therapy almost always arise when less imaginative therapists teach or try to implement a particular therapy. I know enough about Perls, Janov and Erickson to say that they may have been gifted as "shamans of psychotherapy" but were not without their own ego-inflated tendencies and traits that provided a sense of entitlement and of course self made "charisma" that attracts followers who tend to idealize them and their schools of therapy. Bruce, your courageously open journal is shares a story that is applicable for all of us who have traveled through the years and decades of our lives spent cultivating Plato's Academy's dictum to "Know Thyself". I find he quote below applicable; The Universal Heretic, Embracing, Yet free of All No sacred cows survive the realization of the nonconceptual, and one's realization becomes independent from any belief or teaching. He recognizes that who and what he is is ultimately beyond any category, including all the spiritual categories. He realizes that Reality is not a description, and that any description, any teaching or belief system regardless how useful and accurate, falls short of Reality as it is. He recognizes the uniqueness of his realization without having to compare it with others, and appreciates the differences between the various teachings without having to rate them. His realization has gone beyond conceptual categories and, hence beyond comparisons and ratings. He believes in nothing, and adheres to no teaching or religion as final and ultimate. He has become a universal heretic, embracing all, yet free of all. - A. H. Almaas Be Well Bruce ;>)
Apologies for calling you Roger at the beginning of my post above, Robert. At least I signed off correctly ;>)
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Cheers Roger and All, I highly recommend a wonderful book by Curtis White "The ScienceDelusion". It is an excellent, literate book that deconstructs materialist scientism and brings back the Idealism of Schelling, Bergson, Schiller, Fichte, Whitman, Blake, Coleridge,and modern thinkers such as Robert Bellah, Bernardo Kastrup, Roland Barthes. He skewers the shallow TED presentation of Jonah Lehrer, "Imagine How Creativity Works" and the prominent neurophilosopher Daniel Dennet the current research of Antonio Damasio's book "Self Comes to Mind". Well worth a good read. Be Well Robert, Rick Stuart (available for Skype anytime since I've cut down my private practice at age 64 and have more time to pursue these interests)
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