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Hi Ed, Just thought i'd share that this type of summary communication can be equally valuable to frame senior leadership meetings, since the various members of the that team (VP sales, CTO, VP Marketing) will be responsible for driving these metrics. I'm going to try out your format for this purpose. Thanks! Rich Wilner CEO, SagePoint Software
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2010 on Standard investor update for startups at BeyondVC
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These thoughts are very similar to the concept of "establishing a beachhead" in Crossing The Chasm ( for those unfamiliar). A synopsis: early success is garnered by solving one problem that applies to many people (b2c) or companies (b2b): i.e., a one-to-many relationship. Many-to-many or many-to-one are very challenging for a startup to maintain or scale. At my startup, we think of ourselves as the Surgeon with the scalpel that cuts out the specific customer pain, not the General Practitioner who prescribes the broad-spectrum antibiotic.
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Feb 1, 2010