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Richard Wittig
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Your planned re-consideration of the Anselmian version of atonement is most welcomed and inviting. I will follow along eagerly. In my view and experience, to a critical thinking population, the Anselmian version not only doesn’t make sense, but it also becomes a barrier to church participation and discipleship. It is no exaggeration to say that this may be the most important issue for theological reflection for our age because so much flows from it. As you work through a re-considered view of atonement, I’d be very interested in the implications and impact a re-worked view would have on liturgy and hymns. It is often true that we believe as we pray. If our prayer language doesn’t reflect a re-considered atonement, we may still be “stuck” in a bygone era, despite our re-thinking efforts. Other issues will surely develop. That is exciting to think about!
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Jan 2, 2011