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Why the derogatory name-calling when reporters and readers view GM's deception for what it is? They either flat out "lied" about the Volt or purposely made a decision not to clear up what was being said by GM 'marketeers.' Personally I could care less if the Volt is an engine driven hybrid or an EV, but the folks at GM knew exactly the kind of buzz they were getting by "claiming" and welcoming the reporting that the "engine is used only to charge the batteries." This charade continued for months if not years and could have been corrected with a simple statement early-on. If the Volt is worth thousands of dollars more than other hybrids (yet to be seen), then let it sell on those merits. I wish them well. That said, it is also understandable that the automotive press and those appreciate advancements in automotive engineering don't like being manipulated or flat out lied too. In my opinion, the bloated mismanaged and bailed out company deserves a black-eye for its purposeful deception. They shouldn't have done it and knew exactly what they were doing.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2010 on The Latest on the Volt Story at Just to Clarify
Looking forward to your update. I can't figure out why GM was so clear that the Volt was and EV and that the engine was for charging only. When did they realize that it wasn't going to work that way ... they must have known the misleading information they were releasing would eventually catch up to them? My guess is that they liked the attention. If the gas engine kicks in to mechanically drive the wheels, what then makes it so different from other hybrid vehicles?
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2010 on More on GM and the Volt at Just to Clarify
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