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Richard Davis
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Please photoshop the Time cover to look like Mad Magazine (anybody?) That would be a riot. thanks and TGIF!
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2006 on The Daily Obama at BlackFive
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I sent an email (with a link to the video) to the Country station in Philadelphia (WXTU) and received a reply from the morning DJ this morning. She said she LOVED THE SONG and that she was going to talk to her program director about it. The system works, send some emails. (ps - fyi, "poster girl" is the third song to go to Number 1 on the CD "Feel This Free" - which I ordered online)
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So inspirational! I tried, but couldn't stop the tears. He's the Babe Ruth of Dad's.
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The TIME cover photo looks more like a MAD Magazine cover. The headline should say, "WHAT ME WORRY?" (he does look like Alfred E. Neuman, and.. I suspect he's missing a tooth)
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2006 on The Daily Obama at BlackFive
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This song deserves some play on American stations. I sent an email with this link to WXTU, the Country station in Philly. Maybe if more of us do the same, she'll get some play?
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