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Rich Dunn
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My wife April is a 9/11 survivor & a hero to me & many of her co-workers. April was working on the 85th floor of tower 2 of the wtc. When the lights flickered from tower one being hit by the first plane. April and her co-workers saw the smoke and the papaers flying in the air. she tried to call 911 but she couldn't get thru. she did a floor sweep and gathered her and 13 of her co-workers to the stairs. When they reached the 74th floor they were told by security to return to their floor,April refused and convinced her co-workers to continue down with her. Moments later the 2nd plane hit the tower between the 77th & 85th floor (the floor they worked on). they continued down to the lobby.April helped a woman with a heart condition who was having a terrible time to an ambulance outside. April then headed north & not even 5 minutes after her escape she saw the building she was just in collapse. God bless those who perished on that horrible day & I hope those who survived look at life a whole lot different because they got a second chance.
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Sep 8, 2011