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As D commented, for the best security, you have to type your password each time. password = readline("Enter your password > ") works, but doesn't prevent access by people looking over your shoulder. You can have obscured text if you type into a gWidgets GUI. Something like: library(methods) library(gWidgets2tcltk) passwordEntryFactory <- setRefClass( "PasswordEntry", fields = list( win = "ANY", txt = "ANY", pw = "ANY" ), methods = list( initialize = function(...) { win <<- gwindow( "Enter your password", visible = FALSE, height = 25 ) txt <<- gedit( container = win, handler = function(h, ...) { pw <<- svalue(txt) dispose(win) } ) visible(txt) <- "*" visible(win) <- TRUE } ) ) getPassword <- function() { passwordEntry <- passwordEntryFactory$new() while(isExtant(passwordEntry$win)) { Sys.sleep(0.1) } passwordEntry$pw } getPassword() I sometimes store passwords in RData files too, then at least the password isn't stored in plain text, and is secure from non-R programmers.
Even knowing that Gouda is best and Feta is worst quality, and having read comments about "listen out for sibilants and hi-hats", I can't hear a difference between the two. Maybe it's time to de-wax my ears. And to those saying that "storage is cheap, I can fit all my FLACs in a 500Gb hard drive", I say "show me a portable MP3 player with 500Gb of storage".
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Jul 16, 2012