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Rich Manuera
Hi there let's take a quick look at the value that brands bring to a business don't forget a brand is something which helps distinguish a product or service from the competition it's something which makes it distinctive perhaps the design of the product or service the name the logo or some combination of all those things the key thing about a brand is that if it's built effectively it helps you communicate ups of business communicate and market a product or service more successfully before we see what the value of branding can be let's just quickly remind ourselves of some of the different types of brands you won't necessarily need to know all this detail but let's just spend a minute or two looking at some examples of of how brands operating in the business in the marketplace you'll be very familiar with different types of product brands the ones on the screen there are some examples of fast moving consumer goods FMCG brands from the Unilever brand portfolio things like Marmite and Percel product brands but it doesn't have to be a physical product it could be a service and of course increasingly brands are being built that are purely based around a service deliver to consumers either far apps like uber PayPal Dropbox but also a service physically that's delivered like for example of you cinema brand there are such things as family or umbrella brands these are brands that are assigned to more than one product effectively giving the product line or the product group a distinctive brand name also brands themselves can be the name of the business so we are very familiar with concepts and brands like a lego and Nestle when we talking brands of course so in the retail sector the major supermarkets also want to get onto the branding game.
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May 16, 2019