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I've owned a couple Panasonics since switching to m43 back in 2012 - first (very briefly) a GH2, then a G5 a couple years later. Neither was a camera that I loved - both felt a bit plasticky, with shutter sounds that didn't inspire confidence, and my preference for Olympus remained pretty strong. Also, I really think they should drop the Lumix brand for their ILC line - it's a name with too much consumer-y history, and keeps the Panasonic name from getting attached to professional equipment in the public's mind. However, circumstances conspired to push me back in their direction. I got into photography in late 2003, primarily for wildlife (birds, mostly), and it was the one big thing I gave up when moving to m43 for my commercial shooting. I couldn't afford to keep both systems, and m43 lacked serious long glass until very recently. I rented the Olympus 300 F4 this spring, and loved the results, but it is both too pricey and too big and specialized for my needs. The PanaLeica 100-400 got my attention in a hurry, but we're now in an era of Dual IS systems, where IBIS works with lens IS for better stabilization as long as the brands match, and I wasn't thrilled with any Panny body for much of this year. The GH4 has no IBIS and is still pricey if you don't shoot a lot of video; the GX85 has a problematic EVF (I think that's what The Other Nigel is referring to); the GX8 has the shutter shock problem and a fairly rudimentary IBIS system, etc. Then the G85 was released right around the time that the E-M1 II's price was announced, and my path became pretty clear. I couldn't justify $2k for what/how I shoot, but $1k for the G85 with 12-60 is a comparative steal. The new metal front plate takes care of the plasticky issue, the EVF is up to E-M1/E-M5 II standards, it now has pretty effective 5-axis IBIS, and the new shutter should cure any lingering shutter shock issues. Plus, it does decent C-AF (with or without tracking) without needing PDAF. It might not have the E-M1 II's fancy full-res Pro Capture mode, but it does have 4K Photo that operates very similarly, and produces decent 8MP files. And it gets along famously with the Leica 100-400, and will get along even better with a firmware update next year. The G85 now pairs with an E-M5 II in my daily shooting bag (replacing an E-M1), and pairs with a Sony RX-10 II in my "do anything" bag to give me 24-800 coverage in two camera bodies (14-800 if I add the Panny 7-14). It may still not be a camera that I love - like most Panasonics in my experience, it lacks any element of quirkiness necessary to produce strong emotional attachment - but it is a very competent camera in every way.
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Dec 16, 2016