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Plus, Mike, taxes are a cost of doing business. Hence, if the margins and competition allow it, prices reflect the taxes that need to be paid. Hence the ultimate consumer is the one who ends up on the hook. Let's look at the idiotic 2.3% tax (on revenue) for the medical device industry to support ObamaCare. Does anyone really think a company like Medtronics is going to eat that or do we not think Medtronics will add 2.3% to the price of every one of their devices. Who do the liberals think will ultimately pay the 2.3%. Hint: It is not Medtronics.
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Unfortunately Chait is so blind he actually believes this. He has to or he could not believe in liberalism.
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John Daly was one of the earliest skeptics of global warming. His web site is still up and there have been a couple of updates by his family. He, McIntyre, and John Brignell at Number watch ( have been sniping at these global warming guys for years. There is also Steve Milloy at Rick
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