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One way to integrate daily life with God’s mission in the world, I believe, is for Christians simply to take stock of where God has placed them. On the one hand, it makes little sense for everyday workers in manufacturing and service to dream of conversations with high level political leaders. They can email their congress representatives or attend a town hall meeting, but their real sphere of influence as Christians will be with their peers and their neighbors. On the other hand, Christians who are industry leaders or who in other ways have connections with power brokers have ample opportunity to influence the direction of the country or to shape its culture. Some of these Christians in powerful positions would welcome the exchange of ideas, because they are sensitive to the conflicting values they must battle: Christian values vs. the demands that go with their positions. We need to pray for them. And then there are those who, while not at the top, nevertheless have access to the movers and shakers. How many middle and upper level management people have genuine access from time to time with those above them? The examples could go on and on: teachers who interact with their principals and superintendents, faculty with their presidents, etc. And there is a wonderful leveling that takes place wherever top leaders interact with others in their churches. My point: Christians who want to influence their world for good should consider whatever opportunities God may open to be upwardly missional. is now following The Typepad Team
Dec 5, 2012