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While it would be simpler to be able to upload to many sites at once, I'm not sure I wouldn't want to post the same thing on every site. Part of the draw to a website is the rest of the community that visits it, and I would rather tailor my content to each community. Programs like the kolb learning program are useful for figuring out how to properly style your message.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2010 on Our Fractured Online Identities at Coding Horror
This sounds like a PR nightmare, there were so many opportunities to avoid this outcome, but they were all ignored. FancyPants (a few posts up) has the right analogy, they are putting way too much effort into making sure you have a worse experience with their business. Worst of all is that they're doing it because of the actions you took when you were initially displeased. That's really not the right kind of influence strategy they recommend at .
Wow, nice contest. Any business without a website is missing out on an entire medium of advertising. Hopefully this contest will help bring some businesses into the modern age. Creating and maintaining an online presence is one of the more important steps taught at , I'm glad to see that others value online presence as much as I do.
Managers need to strike a balance rules, protocol, and discipline (Gunnery Sergeant Hartman), and a lazy environment where nothing gets done. Programs like the kolb learning style can help maximize efficiency and produce better results.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2010 on Leading by Example at Coding Horror
That looks like a very high quality dedicated server , The one I'm installing won't be anywhere near that cool.
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Thanks for the post, even with all of the disagreements people have raised in the posts above mine, Ted Nelson still did some important work. I know sites like wouldn't be able to function as well with out his work.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2010 on The Xanadu Dream at Coding Horror
Thank you to all the pro bono lawyers handling divorce cases. You end up making a huge difference in cases that have life changing implications. -
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2010 on Pro Bono Lawyers For Divorce at zechrywire's blog
Technology is becoming more and more relevant when it comes to digging up a soon-to-be-ex's wrong-doings for a divorce case. If you happen to be going through a divorce now, make sure you keep track of what you put online, it could be used as evidence against you later in court. -
Divorces can become (extra) ugly real fast if you treat it as a war. Event though its hard you have to do your best to remain civil when you want to lash out. -
These are awesome, I like to think of them as water proof iPod shells. They look nice when they are hung up, and they eliminate the risk of water damage from mist and splashing.
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Oct 13, 2010