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It makes sense. I have found the company to be very helpful. I have one of the older phone holders and made a small design suggestion -- to add a hole to push through and help get the phone out of the older. The next time I saw one advertised, they added. That is pretty neat. I've not used mine as much has I thought, not been in the field as much as I wish to be and bought a new camera. It is more expensive than a cell phone adapter, but does have a 50x optical zoom.
right before winter, I push some interesting looking pieces of wood in the ground near my feeders.
The NAS data base has error. Our count center is of by 1.65 miles.
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Best thing we did was put metal trash cans, upside down, below our feeders. I think ours are 21 gal and the pole goes through the center of the can. We have had very few squirrels or raccoons get to our feeders since then. Both still make a mess under the feeders, but the climb inside the can and almost never make it to the feed. One still needs to keep the top of the can 4' or more above the ground and have it so they cannot jump from a tree to the feeder.
There are a number of birders who do not wish to be associated with hunters. I sure they appreciate the contributions of hunters. But they will not buy Duck Stamps. I buy Duck Stamps and proudly display them when birding.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2012 on Petiton for Wildlife at ABA Blog
I was a great fan of the sonograms that appeared with many species in Robbins et al, Birds of North America. As that guide became replaced by guides with newer info and in many cases more and better pictures, sonograms were left behind. Now a person who records bird songs tells me a separate guide will be coming out that will have only sonograms and some text. Great! Now we carry two field guides to show this to beginners.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2012 on An "Easy" Photo Quiz? at ABA Blog
Let's all tip our binoculars to Jack. What a wonderful thing he created and maintained for so long!
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2012 on Birding News Updates at ABA Blog
First, I have hunted. Once a long time ago with my father-in-law we and I probably would have missed had we seen any pheasants. I have friends that hunt. My objection, as with most of the birdwatching community is with 'Slob' Hunters. As far as 'Slob' Birders, item 1(b) should cover the birders. Many organization of photographers have similar items. The Nature Photographers Network has a code of conduct [] and one item says, "Never let your presence cause the animal any stress. If there is a sign of stress, pull back." The North American Nature Photography Association has Principles of Field Practices ( It states, "Do not distress wildlife or their habitat. Respect the routine needs of animals." The problem is slobs, and that is more and more of problem on our increasingly crowded planet earth.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2012 on How the Harlequin Duck Lost His Life at ABA Blog
Took a look at Recorder -- it is no longer free [it costs a whopping $ 0.99 I have been playing with Microphone + Recording. My major [problem with it sometimes when I think I stop recording, it does not and I end up with 60' of recording. The new update allows easy emailing of recordings. Use both Audacity and Raven Lite
Toggle Commented May 7, 2012 on Mic up that iPhone: Follow Up at ABA Blog
Friends It is not just these two large states. Iowa, which by some calculations ranks 49th out of 50 states in the amount of public land held by the state, is now considering legislation [HF2434] which contains among many other things, a paragraph that states 'the department of natural resources shall identify and sell real property under the control of the department, the sale of which is not otherwise prohibited by federal law, that is not utilized for state parks and forests in sufficient acreage that shall generate at least twenty million dollars'. The land referred to is probably state Wildlife Management Areas, many of which are valued for other kinds of open space recreation besides hunting. Some how the moneys generated by birding, odonating, wildflowering, etc is never so obvious as as that which comes from hunters. This bill's full title is, An Act relating to government operations and efficiency, school elections, eliminating certain tax credits, and including effective date and applicability provisions. It is no wonder that there is the present level of government distrust when something like this bill contains such an absolute hodge-podge of things. Rick Hollis
The problem is the incredible number of people who don't believe it is happening. And many it seems are the same ones who believe 'that there is no credible evidence that lead shot is a problem for wildlife.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2012 on First, Do No Harm (Addendum) at ABA Blog
Makes one think. I am batting about .680 which would make me a great hitter. But some of my yes are pretty weak. I guess I am less old school than I thought. I probably would be batting higher when I get a smart phone. Does any one know Pete's original 25 things. Might be nice to categorize both lists and compare. By the way, I think my state society, Iowa Ornithologist' Union, is doing pretty good. We certainly hit strong notes on 3 and 4, and as a body have moved towards 2. Individually, there are members who work with young birders but we do not have much by way of programs for young birders.
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