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Rick R Hubbell
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This is a great, sobering quote from your post, PB: "Adversity will come to us. We will be disappointed.....deeply at times. We will be betrayed. We will be abandoned, rejected, suffer loss. Things we thought would never happen will, and things we thought would happen wont." I think I can check them all off on the list! Ugh. Thank for the reminder to bounce back - fast and with style. RICK HUBBELL The Slingshot Guy - Helping You Accomplish Great Things
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2012 on Bruce Lee and Your Christian Life at Bobby Lepinay
There is another obvious (I think) struggle that arises from the "Issues" model: picking the wrong issue. Don't you think? But most interestingly, I think there are times when planners select a great "Issue" yet approach in a way that doesn't interest people. They don't capture the imagination of the target, even though they know which of the '3' they are, and may even have a great topic. That's part of the incredible draw of your events. You engage the imagination. Particularly among 'Christian' events, I believe lack of imagination has killed many an otherwise well-intended event. Agree or no?
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2012 on Three Types of Conferences at History in the Making
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Jun 28, 2012