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Simi Valley, CA USA
Unrepentant Marxist. Inveterate troublemaker and boat rocker. Iconoclast. Loving Daddy. Useful husband.
Interests: Community Building,Social Media,Communication,Collaboration,Innovation,Creativity,Play,Fun,Golf,Family,Extended Family
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Beautiful, Bill. It's nice to see you are blogging about the entirety of your life. It makes my decision to do so seem like a good one. Thanks for sharing.
I am not a big fan of what I see as the end stages of Capitalism, but I am most certainly a fan of entrepreneurship. People often rail against Socialism as the destruction of individuality and competitive desire which, they argue, is what drives innovation and, hence, progress. However, I'm not sure they are diametrically opposed. I would like to think we can find an economic model that rewards innovation, invention, and creativity without doing so in what ends up being a grotesquely unfair misappropriation of the value it creates. Our current model seems to have degenerated not only into one in which individuals are far too highly exalted as "job creators", but also one in which profit is privatized, and loss is socialized. This is surely going to tear us apart fairly soon.
Nice, Bill. I like this, especially the ambiguous portion . . . assuming I correctly see it as the sink blending somewhat Escheresque-like into the counter.
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Jul 3, 2010