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Christopher Pearsall
Coventry, Rhode Island
A Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Who Cares!
Interests: Writing, Adult, Understanding Adolescent and Child Psychology as it relates to Divorce and Parental Alienation, Apple Computers and Networking, PC Computers and New Technology
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By: Christopher A. Pearsall, Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer When you file for divorce in Rhode Island, the Notice of Automatic Orders becomes effective the moment the plaintiff (i.e. the filing party) signs the complaint for divorce. In most circumstances, this Order's provisions becomes effective for the defendant (i.e. the party being served with divorce papers) once he or she is served with the divorce documents. So what is the Notice of Automatic Orders? It is a document printed signed by the Chief Judge of the family court that is included in your Rhode Island divorce documents. More significantly, it is a Rhode Island law. If you would like to see what it looks like as of the writing of this article you can download it here -> RI_Notice_of_Automatic_Orders As of the writing of this posting, it is Rhode Island General Laws §15-5-14.1. The plaintiff is must be aware of and... Continue reading
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Atty Chris Pearsall Authored By: Christopher Pearsall, RI Divorce Attorney a.k.a. " The Rhode Island Divorce Coach ℠ " Google+ Author Profile Publisher on Google+ Fathers, this is going to be a quick yet heartfelt article both from personal experience as a father as well as a lawyer who has dedicated his practice exclusively to family law in Rhode Island for the past sixteen (16) years. In many divorce cases there are lawyers, mediators, and even fathers have been making a huge mistake when it comes to placement and parenting time with the minor children. They have been assuming that the mother always gets placement or that the father cannot get parenting time of 50% with the children. I've heard lawyers say it. Hell, I will sadly admit that I've said it because that's what I've seen over the years and that's what I was told in my own divorce... Continue reading
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