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This. I love this. I had the most solid community of people around me for a year as we traveled the world together. People who saw me in my messiest moments and still loved me, people who called me out of junk and called me higher into the truth of my identity and into the freedom of the Father. People who wept when I wept and rejoiced as I rejoiced. People who love me for me, wherever I'm at, and who wouldn't allow me to be anything but 100% real and authentic and genuine no matter how ugly the genuine was sometimes they always saw the beauty the Lord was forming through it! They championed me and spurred me on, they challenged me and walked alongside me every step. They turned my eyes back to jesus every breath I took. They let me see their hearts, they trusted deep, they were hungry for more of the Father in all of us. My struggle the last two years has been finding genuine community upon coming back to LG. I have some great sweet friendships here.. But nothing like the intense, spirit filled, let's do life together community I came from. Mostly because I'm one of the only my age around here who's seen what that genuine community looks like.. And it's something even words can't explain. It's something people have to hunger for, and the busy schedules and constant go go go of this generation has distracted from the growling of that hunger in their spirits. It's been hard, so incredibly hard.. I believe it's hard at all ages. But when we take that dive.. When we make that choice to commit and say yes and press deep into the hearts of those around us it is WORTH it. It becomes something we long for and love. I have hope Gods doing big things in this season with it! So so glad your hearts eager to see true community burst forth :) Praying revival of genuine community in this town, in this county, and in this generation. thanks for posting beautiful ;)
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Aug 18, 2015