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Jana Riess
Jana Riess is the author, editor, or coauthor of numerous books, including What Would Buffy Do? and the forthcoming memoir Flunking Sainthood. She blogs at and uses her Twitter feed to go through the Bible chapter by chapter in 180 characters or less (
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At what point does unlimited choice begin to hamper our enjoyment? Continue reading
4:03: Well, that didn't take long. We're only three minutes in and we have a first reference: Kate will never be a commoner again! According to the NPR royal wedding drinking game, everyone takes a drink. Continue reading
Watching British class dramas – while disdaining our own – nimbly reinforces the enduring American myth of classlessness. Continue reading
Yesterday Black revealed that many of the comments have targeted her personally, with some people actually calling for her death. One commenter said that he or she hopes Rebecca develops an eating disorder and cuts herself to death. What the hell is going on here? Continue reading
After enjoying my new device for a few months, I am now drinking the Kindle Kool-Aid. Well, mostly. Continue reading
But here’s the thing: many of my students had never heard of their peers’ chosen musicians either. There simply were no cultural touchstones, musically speaking. Continue reading
There's a pivotal scene in The King's Speech in which the soon-to-be coronated King George VI, splendidly portrayed by Colin Firth, shuts down Westminster Abbey so he and his speech therapist (a pitch-perfect Geoffrey Rush) can practice his coronation there in total privacy. This is despite the vociferous objections of... Continue reading
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Jan 6, 2011