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I'm a DVD + Streaming customer. How will I be able to tell when a movie is released on NetFlix, but not Qwikster (e.g. Zombie Girl, etc), without having to compare the well-buried New Releases sections of two separate websites against each other? Is there going to be a growing disconnect between what becomes available on DVD and what becomes available on streaming? For that matter, how is going to deal with covering two separate websites, if at all?
"And given the dynamic nature of our catalog that list can get long over time." Preemptive damage control.
I think I agree with "Mike". Netflix has enough bad press about losing Starz already. Announcing the removal of the Saved Instant Queue would just draw further attention to the Starz fiasco, as the Saved IQ would be a huge spotlight on the quantifiable degradation of their streaming library. NF must have figured the bad PR that quietly disappearing the Saved IQ far in advance would cause would be less than the bad PR of large chunks of queued streaming content suddenly falling out of everyone's queues into the purgatory of the Saved list, possibly never to return. The lesser of two evils.
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Sep 17, 2011