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"Webb has increasingly embraced the hard left economic centralization that Obama preaches." I sadly agree. The man who once said he wouldn't cross the street to spit on Jane Fonda has all but thrown his lot with Code Pink. I once admired Webb. Now, I have no respect for him.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2008 on Masculinity and Martial Courage at BlackFive
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Garden gnomes? Er, never mind.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2007 on Mad City Moments at BlackFive
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"The evidence showing the Jacksonian departure from the Bush team is fairly clear" Unfortunately, you didn't cite it. Until you do, and the evidence has been analyzed, it's not clear at all. As for detaining terrorists, good. It's too bad we're treating them better than we treat our convicted serial killers, and only to placate the paranoid fantasies of so-called human rights advocates. I'm all in favor of lining them up and executing them.
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"On the contrary, it was *the* key issue of the election and the key constituency that has turned on the war are the conservative Jacksonians." I'd love to see evidence of that, rather than empty statements. As for violations of civil liberties, no doubt you mean like liberals appearing on television claiming we are living in a police state without any repercussions for making their statements, or claiming that they are being silenced, on national television? Those civil liberties?
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