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Sep 21, 2010
Install lamentated beams and posts over the deck to carry cieling joists. Bolt brackets on the ends where they meet each other, the posts and the building. Where the brackets bolt on to the wall frame, needs to be flashed properly to prevent water penetrating the building membrane. When it... Continue reading
Me and my group did a roofing exercise. We drew up a pitched hip roof at a scale of 1:5. We worked out all our rafter and hip lengths, pitch, birdsmouths, overhangs, plumb cuts, seat cuts, jack rafters and ridges. When we started building it on a full size scale... Continue reading
Doing a renovation on a single story dwelling and needed to slide straps under the bottom plateand up both sides of the stud for a BL1 gib bracing standard. We couldn't slide the strap through as the wall cladding on the house was existing on the wall. The wall cladding... Continue reading
Doing a re-clad on a warehouse, inspector marks with dazzel which studs, bottomplates etc that need to be replaced. Timber was ordered and work carried out ready for pre-line inspection. The building inspector came out and noticed that the timber used was H 3.1 and H 3.2 had been specified... Continue reading
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Sep 20, 2010